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LIONSCOVE is a real estate investment firm whose mission is to enrich lives, one relationship at a time. We focus on adding value to your life and pride ourselves on being dependable, allowing you to be comfortable knowing you have a partner helping create your legacy.

Organizations we support

What makes LIONSCOVE different?

Lionscove is what happens when everyone is involved in an organization that aspires for something bigger than themselves. Our goal is consistency, risk mitigation and asset growth with all our investments. We strive to leave a legacy for your family and enriching the lives we touch with you.

Company Values

Relationships Drive Revenue

We believe relationships drive revenue. We listen to focus on your needs first and uncover ways to add value to your life. The power of building our relationship with you in this manner is that opportunities and deals naturally materialize, and we both thrive.

Strategically Simple

We believe simplicity is the highest form of sophistication which is why we are transparent, direct, and focused on delivering value. Our approach is simple, but our intellectual capacity is not. We remain at the apex of everything we do.

Concierge of Connections

We continually develop a network of influential people and enrich their lives. In doing so, we create organic opportunities to connect them to each other for mutual benefit. That means that if you have a problem, we’ll connect you to the person who can solve it.

Alpha of Reformation

We challenge the way things are done in our industry to bring equitable outcomes to all involved. We are the Alpha leading the pride to a Golden Horizon, ushering in its bright future. WE. WON’T. STOP. REFORMING.

Progress over Perfection

We make critical decisions promptly by asking the right questions and going beyond surface-level assumptions. We replicate this process daily by conquering new circumstances as we advance our vision. We are not bogged down in seeking perfection. We drive forward.

Accountability of Choice

We empower people to make decisions that spark joy, whether you are an investor, borrower, or employee. You make a choice to be a part of our world, and we honor that by doing what we say when we say we will do it. We eliminate ambiguity by leading through choice and holding ourselves accountable.

History of LIONSCOVE

LIONSCOVE is the result of friends and family of the founding partners wanting to participate in the private lending being offered to real estate investors. One of the partners, Ronnie da Motta, has deep experience with traditional residential mortgages and saw opportunities come through his doors that didn’t fit traditional lending criteria but made sense for private lending. This provided the initial deal flow for LIONSCOVE as the company operated on a syndication model pairing up investors with specific deal flow. As the company grew, it quickly pivoted to an evergreen debt fund structure (pooled investments), further accelerating LIONSCOVE’S growth to where it is today.

December 2022

December 2022 – The company officially takes the name LIONSCOVE.

April 2022

The company was reorganized as the roles and vision of the founders shifted. The company continued to operate under DML Capital, focusing on hard money and consumer mortgages.

Septemeber 2022

LIONSCOVE exited the owner-occupied long-term loan market and repositioned its employee base to focus on the expansion and growth of the hard money business vertical to put full focus on connecting borrowers with hard money loans and generating returns for investors.

June 2020

The team begins offering conventional, long-term consumer mortgages in response to the low interest-rate environment.

May 2017

LIONSCOVE, then DML, is founded by Ronnie da Motta, Liam Leonard, and Aidan Leonard with a mission to provide hard money loans to borrowers and match the deals with interested investors.

November 2018

LIONSCOVE incorporates its first evergreen debt fund and exclusively offers hard money loans.

Social Good

We work to give back

We dedicate at least 10% of our profits to support charitable causes in our community because family and community are a defining tenant of LIONSCOVE.

When you work with LIONSCOVE, not only do you create your legacy, but you also contribute to leaving a lasting impact on your community. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

Organizations we support

LIONSCOVE is involved with organizations like A Soldier’s Journey Home, whose mission is to build a home for a worthy veteran each year. We’ve supported this organization for three years, increasing our contribution each year.

In 2022, a team of 6 members from the LIONSCOVE team traveled to Paducah, KY, to help build a home for Tim Andreasen, who lost his home to an F4 tornado in December of 2021.

The LIONSCOVE team has increased our financial commitment each year, with an end goal of fully funding all future projects for A Soldier’s Journey Home.


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