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The LIONSCOVE Board of Advisors is a key differentiator from the competition. Our board of advisors has wide-ranging experiences across multiple industries that allow us to manage risk more effectively, add more value to the marketplace, improve profitability, and deliver exceptional results for which LIONSCOVE is known.

Our Board Members

LIONSCOVE board member

Wes Myers

Licensed General Contractor

Wes Myers is a man of many talents and accomplishments. An Eagle Scout, Commercial Pilot, Licensed General Contractor, Rancher/Farmer, UC Berkeley Undergrad, and now, LIONSCOVE Advisor. Wes also belongs to the prestigious Rancheros Visitadores organization.
Wes has a real estate background and is deeply interested in the market. He believes in real estate fundamentals and is impassioned in connecting like-minded investors with LIONSCOVE. Wes is currently exploring ways to combine different passive investment real estate models into a single vehicle to make real estate investing more accessible to different types of investors.
When Wes isn’t running his family business with his wife or spending time with their three young children, you can likely find him in a cockpit or on the back of a horse.

I enjoy real estate and believe in the fundamentals behind it. I hope to gain a better knowledge of the debt market which will help my decision process in real estate transactions down the road.

LIONSCOVE board member

Evan Money

Founder of the Marriage of Greatness movement.

Evan Money is excited to bring his open mind and Avodah thinking to LIONSCOVE. Drawn in by Liam’s heart and passion, Evan believes that everything affects everything else and is ready to utilize his past experiences in order to help LIONSCOVE reach its full potential!
Evan is happily married, a #1 Bestselling Author, a Global Entrepreneur, and founder of the Marriage of Greatness movement. You can see his recent work at and

Liams heart to enrich the lives of his staff, clients, investors and community.

LIONSCOVE board member

Matt Staneff

Former CMO of T-Mobile

Matt Staneff is the marketing mind behind some of the most recognizable messages in American media. As the former CMO of T-Mobile USA, Matt brings a wealth of experience that will help enable LIONSCOVE to break through in a crowded environment and provide incredible value to both shareholders and investors alike. Matt and his team evolve brands from the obscure into household names. Matt also brings an energy and passion that inspires the team to think outside the box and add additional value to the company and investors. Matt has also spent considerable time in the custom and specialty home-building business and is an investor in individual projects and investment funds. All of these combined experiences allow Matt to advise LIONSCOVE across all aspects of the company. Matt is married to his wife, Astrid, and is a father to 2 young girls, Savannah and Kaleigh. Matt is an avid athlete who competes in long-course triathlons, marathons, and endurance cycling events in his spare time.

I am drawn to serve on the Board from alignment of the mission of the company to my personal passions and goals.

LIONSCOVE board member

Scott Ruthfield

Vice President for Software Engineering Services at Eliassen Group

Scott Ruthfield is currently the Senior Vice President for Software Engineering Services at Eliassen Group, which acquired his company, Rooster Park, in 2021. Scott is a team-building and tech guru who loves ensuring people are taken care of. In his professional life, he always wished there was an easier way for engineers to get the industry consulting they deserved. He seized this opportunity and founded the software engineering consultancy that he realized the market was missing. Today, his teams provide unmatched client service and invest heavily in developing strong relationships with each and every client. The culture Scott has created fosters an environment where everyone can thrive together as one!
Scott enjoys being surrounded by top-notch entrepreneurs, advisors, and thinkers, all focused on making a company better, not just for financial gain but also to create a worldwide impact.

I enjoy being surrounded by top-notch entrepreneurs, advisors, and thinkers, all focused on making a company better, not just for financial gain, but also for worldly impact.

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